About company


We create solutions for blind and deafblind people which:

  • helps them to communicate
  • gives access to information around them
  • helps to socialize in the professional field


Research, development, creation and production of innovative engineering sokutions for rehabilitation, well-being of people with limited vision and hearing. Meeting the needs through expanding their opportunities and eliminating the barriers that people with visual disabilities face in communication, education, employment, transportation and independent living.


According to the latest report of the World Health Association thre're more than 7 million deafblind and more than 285 million blind people  in the world. Only in Canada more that 3 thousand people are deafblind and 1 million people are blind, and in the USA more than 7 million of blind and 50 thousand of deafblind people.

From the Founder

"My name is Theodor Belomoev and I am inventor and I create devices for blind and deafblind  people with the help of a great team of different specialists, engineers, programmers and volunteers, who speak variety of languages and live in different corners of the world.”