Olga Karpenok

Development Director



Role in the project:

Development of plans and projects that will lead to the achievement of strategic goals; development of communication with partners; control over the implementation of plans and projects; miscalculation of possible risks.

Olga engaged in the formation of a strategy for the launching of products and services to new markets; formation of customer loyalty to the project; monitoring the team’s compliance with the principles of the chosen strategy and motivating the team to further improve the project in accordance with the current market needs.


St. Petersburg State University, Faculty of International Relations

  • Master's Degree in "Regional Studies " (European Studies), 2009
  • Bachelor's Degree in Regional Studies (European Studies), 2007

Work Experience: 

Senior positions in marketing and PR and managment of the development department for over 10 years


Sharing economy. ecology and the development of a harmonious neighborhood of man with nature, scientific and technical progress, inclusion of people with disabilities in an active social life. botany, art.