Support us

We do not believe that we are doing something very important — we just do what we can.

We are sure that there're many poets, engineers and just good people among the deaf-blind and blind persons. They will have the opportunity to talk, hear, learn, work and just to live. And our devices are capable to improve the life of blind and deaf-blind people. At this time we do not earn money, we are a start-up company. If it seems to you, that you know how you can support our work — write to us. If you can't support our organization financially, then you can join our work:

  • We will be happy to meet a print shop to help us with printing cards and booklets that we will distribute at exhibitions
  • We are planning to start our work in Oslo, Helsinki, New York, San Diego and Toronto and in this regatd we're looking for people that would support us there
  • We are looking for a small room at the lowest price for placement of our office in New Jersey and St. Petersburg
  • We will be glad to meet industrial designer
  • We are looking for Japanese, Finnish and Norwegian translators
  • We are looking for partners who are engaged in the sale of plane tickets (we have very high costs for flights)
  • We often travel to different countries, whуre we conduct testing and we will be happy to find the network of hostels so that members of our team can have a cheap accomodation
  • We got a small number of orders for the production of braille gloves, and if you know a factory that could produce them, we will be happy to know their contacts

There is another way to support us: if you know who can help — send them this information!

Contact us:

Anastasia Malakhova,

Theodor Belomoev