Support us

We do not believe that we are doing something very important — we just do what we can. We are sure that there're many poets, engineers and just good people among the deafblind and blind persons. They will have the opportunity to talk, hear, learn, work and just to live. And our devices are capable to improve the life of blind and deafblind people.

At this time, we do not earn money, we are a start-up company. If it seems to you, that you know how you can support our work — write to us.

We are looking for:

  • We will be happy to meet a print shop to help us with printing cards and booklets that we will distribute at exhibitions
  • We to work in Toronto, Helsinki and New York and in this regard we're looking for people that would support us there
  • We will be glad to meet industrial designer
  • If you have accumulated miles for buying tickets and you do not plan to use them, we'd be very happy to use it, because we have a lot of trips

Regarding partnership and cooperation, please contact Anastasia Malakhova