Braille Glove

About the Braille Glove

Below we will tell you about the first mobile communication device for deafblind people "Braille Glove". This device:

  • helps them to communicate
  • gives access to information around them
  • helps to socialize in the professional field

The principle of device operation can be described as follows:

You just need to start speak to the deafblind person and a special program will recognize your speech and transmit what you said to the Braille Glove via silent tactile signals in Braille. To answer, the user need just touch a palm by finger-tips and the typed message will be quickly converted to speech. Watch this video to see how the glove works.

Here're results of the testings:

  • learning period is just 3-4 weeks
  • speech recognition speed is 36 words per minute
  • typing speed is 25 words per minute

​Watch this short video from the last test. Here you can see the moment of the very first explanation of how the Braille Glove works. Training took place with hearing-impairment and visual-impairment specialists.

The application is based on the Google speech synthesizer & recognizer. It allows to use the device in any country and to communicate with a deaf-blind person in any language.

Technical characteristics of the device


  • Total weight of the device: 141 gr. (5 ounces)
  • Charging from the AC adapter (110 to 240 V) or from the battery
  • Port for charging: Micro USB
  • Operating time: from 6 to 8 hours on the battery (400 mAh)


  • Works when the power is on — yes
  • Mobile phone charging — yes


  • Knowledge of Braille
  • Availability of an Android mobile phone
  • Application updating on

Set includes:

The Glove
Charging adapter (availiable connectors: UK, US, EU, AU)
Instruction manual in Braille


  •  The cost of the device is 490 CA $ + tax + shipping

​Ask your distributor about the availability of devices, you can always place an order in that way. If you want to place an order directly, please write to


  • Prepayment
  • Wholesale price from 10 devices

Necessary information:

  • User whrist circumference
  • Charging type


We are ready to provide you with free support on any issues. You can contact for support via e-mail, you can also send a request for repair to this address.