About the device

About the Braille Glove

Below we will tell you about the first communication device for blind and deafblind people "Braille Glove", working on the principle of six-point font Louis Braille.

How does it work?

You just need to start speak to the deaf-blind person and a special program will recognize your speech and transmit what you said to the Glove by silent tactile signals in Braille. To answer, the user need just touch his palm by his finger-tips and the typed message will be quickly converted to speech. Watch this video to see how the glove works.

We use the Google recognition program for our app. And deaf-blind person can understand people from any country and answer even if he doesn’t know your language. Watch the video from the Braille Gloves testing.

We invented, developed and assembled our device, then we have tested it together with the deaf-blind people. Key testing results:

  • learning period is just 3-4 weeks
  • speech recognition speed is 36 words per minute
  • typing speed is 25 words per minute

Watch this short video from the last test. Here you can see the moment of the very first explanation of how the Braille Glove works. Training took place with hearing-impairment and visual-impairment specialists.