Braille Pad

About the Braille Pad

We’ve announced the start of prototyping of our new device Braille Pad at the International Conference “Science About the Deafblind People” organized by Deaf-Blind Support Foundation ''Con-nection'' in Moscow.


Braille Pad is a device which displays the text information using the symbols of the Braille in multiline format. The specialty of the device is that it's the first multiline device among the analogues which is produced in a tablet format. It consists of 70 independent meshes displaying the letters to allow to read the text and push it as a button of a keyboard, which allow to type the text.

As we don't use very expensive piezocrystal materials, a tablet production cost is reduced by 5 times. Due to the new technology of the internal mechanisms it is possible to use the device in any conditions. Besides, an amount of consumed energy is reduced as well as a battery size. 

This product is under development and is not yet ready for sale. Please email us at