Press release Braille Pad

Innovative tactile pad by 4Blind let blind users to feel visual information 

2 April 2020, 5:31 (PT), Russia, St. Petersburg

All kinds of images from just taken photos to geographic maps and graphics will be available for tactile visualization. Braille Pad, the name of this new device, will not only boost prospects for blind people to work, but to explore the visual world around them.

Design concept of innovative gadget was presented at Toyota Startup Awards 2020 which, according to the words of Augustin Martin1, CEO Toyota Connected Europe, gathered 8 “brilliant startups delivering mobility to all”. One of the startups was 4Blind, presented its newest invention — Braille Pad which is capable to give access to all kinds of visual information.

According to the statistic there are about 250 million people over the world who’re partly or totally blind 2. With the development of new gadgets and software they’re getting more access to the text information and highly limited accesses to visual information through screen reader. Blind people have an enormous gap in accessing to visual information and therefore can’t compete in professional or educational spheres and have limited possibilities to explore rapidly growing visual content.

Using Braille Pad visually impaired people could access not only textual information, but also visual data: geometric shapes, maps, graphics and photos. One of the remarkable things about this device is that it has a built-in 3 MP camera to take photos and study all objects on it tactilely. The advantage is that a device also can be used for displaying information from SD cards or USB flash drives and thus to access information even being on the way. The Braille Pad has an 8-inch display and thanks to the microfluidic technology the device is light (10 oz.) and compact (12 x 16 inches).

“We’ve been working closely with blind people, while designed a device and tried to create something really user-friendly, because we were aware that it is for people with special needs”, says Theodor Belomoev, CEO 4Blind.

To make the device convenient for use few cool details are foreseen. Braille Pad has a textured non-slipping surface. The left side of the device has ribbed surface so the user could easily identify that the device is located correctly. The device also has special recesses on the inner side so one could easily take it from the table. The innovative device from 4Blind team open entirely new possibilities for visually impaired people for exploring the world in a much more detailed way and for studying and work.



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