Bright Guide

Bright Guide App

Bright Guide is a messager designed specifically for people with visual disabilities and working with Voice Over screen access program and based on Telegram API. It works on iOS platform and available for all types of iPhones with a minimum version for iSO 10. 


Using the Bright Guide application, you can send text and voice messages, images, make calls, video calls, send geolocation, make urgent calls and create group chats, and all it in voice mode. The application differs from other popular messengers in that there are no headers, buttons and notifications that are functionally unnecessary to users. 

The application is free, but has built-in paid features. We’re preparing the official release of the application in the AppStore by the beginning of Spring.

Despite the fact that the Bright Guide application was created for blind people, it has a unique, minimalistic and stylish design, which was developed by a professional team - art director Maria Otrutckaya and designer Anastasia Bogatkova

If you have any questions about the application, want to support us or give a feedback, please contact us  —