ATIA 2021 AT Connected

Friends, we had the first showcase in the framework of one of the largest assistive technology exhibitions — ATIA 2021 AT Connected on February 1.

Each year, ATIA brings together practitioners, teachers, parents and caregivers to get know and discuss the best in assistive technology.

We presented a revolutionary technology — the Braille PAD tactile tablet. Talked about how education, professional activity and social life of blind and visually impaired people will change with this device. We demonstrated the smart design and talked about the technical capabilities of the Braille PAD, such as a built-in camera and tactile photos, accuracy of images displaying, powerful battery, small weight and quite thin body.

As Fedor Belomoev, CEO of the company, noted: “Braille PAD opens up incredible opportunities for work, for studying at school and university. This is a completely new level. Just imagine how it will expand the list of new professions for blind people. It's a little revolution!”

We were delighted to meet at #ATIA21 and are already preparing for our next presentation of the Perkins communicator today on February 4.