HaptiBraille Сommunicator

Dear friends, finally, this moment has come, and we can present you the HaptiBraille Сommunicator, the device on which our team has been working for more than a year.

Many professionals took part in the development of the device: engineers, designers, programmers, experts, deaf-blind users, specialists from various countries and with different expertise were involved. All this became possible thanks to the support of various organizations, foundations, partners, an incredibly inspiring community that surrounds our team.

We are happy to present you the first pictures of the HaptiBraille Communicator. This is a unique device with the help of which a deaf-blind person can speak using a synthesized voice and hear the person who they're talking to.

Sergey Felytin, our chief expert, said at one of the events: “Currently, communication with a person who is deaf-blind, requires using either special means of communication, (such as sign language, finger alphabet etc.) or complicated technical solutions. HaptiBraille address this problem, allowing both people to communicate using methods to which they are accustomed.”

We have made the HaptiBraille as ergonomic and easy to use as it possible. The device is thin, light and can be compared to a mobile phone in size. Thanks to the ergonomic cascading six-key keyboard, the user can hold the device in any position: in front of him or near his face. The whole UX design has been developed jointly with the users, it is intuitive and convenient.