Braille PAD news

The revolution begins — we present you the pre-production model of Braille PAD. This is an innovative solution that allows the blind person to touch photographs, study geographic maps, and work with graphic documents. This is a real window into the world of graphics and images. Braille PAD helps to unleash potential in current or future professions and provides incredible opportunities for schools and universities for inclusive education.

You can ask: "Hasn't this exist yet?" Of course it has! There was a great amount of effort and research, and there are even ready-made products that costs $13,000 or more! And now you see the Braille PAD with a compact and low-cost technology that made it possible to make the device in 3 times thinner, 4 times cheaper and 5 times lighter.

The set includes not only the device, but also a nice software product that allows you to study graphics, translate into its outline form, display specific colors of the image. To make teaching process more convenient, there is the built-in HDMI allowing a teacher to share the images for displaying on a Braille PAD. It is also useful if you want to share and discuss images with your colleagues at work.

The 8-inch display with 3249 tactile pixels provides high image accuracy. Braille PAD has an intuitive interface, its buttons are pleasant to touch, and the keyboard around the display has a non-slip embossed coating. And here's the coolest: on the back of the device is a 3-megapixel camera for instant tactile shots.

We first showcased a pre-production sample of Braille PAD at CSUN, the leading American assistive technology conference. As Erica Beck noted in her speech: “CSUN is a premier event for those involved in assistive technology, an event that transforms and improves people's lives, it is part of our DNA.”

As part of our presentations at the conference, we not only talked about the characteristics and capabilities of the Braille PAD, but also made a special price offer for visitors. We won’t talk about a huge success, we will just give the numbers: we calculated that more than 80% of visitors of our booth made a pre-order without waiting for the next day.

We continue to collect pre-orders for the first batch of the devices, and if you send us an email to by the end of April, you will get on the first carriage and be one of the first who gets innovative technology at your hands at a special price.