Accessibility news

In April 2021, an amazing story about a woman in whose life Massachusetts Commission for the Blind (MCB) and Carroll Center for the Blind played a big role was published on the website of Massachusetts Government.

Mary Conner from Groveland, who started her own small business and for 15 years had been driving seniors to doctors' appointments, lost her sight, and the ability to live as she used to and be useful to people. But the adjustment in new conditions and, most importantly, the return to an active social life became possible thanks to the MCB and specialists from the Carroll Center for the Blind.

Thanks to the one of MCB’s programs, “Older Independent Blind (OIB)”, Mary mastered the necessary assistive technologies and services that allowed her to return to her life many of her usual activities.

In the Carroll Center for the Blind, providing invaluable assistance to visually impaired people in receiving skills-training that help them achieve independence in their home, work and life, Mary Conner completed a program that includes training to handle tools for reading and computer use.

Today, Mary Conner's life is full of activities and events. Mary goes to water aerobics on her own, attends the book club, and uses her phone and iPad to make grocery lists, chat with friends and much more.

You can read a full text of the story by the link: