International Day of the Deafblindness

On 27 June, in the day the birth of the famous Helen Keller the International Day of the Deafblindness is celebrated all over the world. This day is very important for our society, as it is aimed, first of all, at awareness of the problems of deaf-blindness and drawing attention to the needs of deafblind people.

Helen Keller is the world-famous American writer, lecturer, and social activist. Helen became the first deafblind person who received a bachelor's degree. She managed to overcome the difficulties caused by the simultaneous impairment of hearing and vision, write dozens of books, become an activist and philanthropist. In 1915, she created an international organization that studied the work of the organs of vision, was an active figure in the American Civil Liberties Union.

It was her active, inspiring work that laid the foundation for drawing public attention to the problem of the deafblind and the struggle for all people’s equal rights.

“The meaning of the international day is precisely in drawing public attention to what worries people with simultaneous hearing and visual impairment, and at the same time to show that the problems are similar, which means that we should all look for solutions together, this is the only way it will work”, — shared Dmitry Polikanov, President of the the Deafblind support foundation "Con-nection".

Today is an important day for 4Blind because we are working to make our society the place where  all people have equal opportunities.