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So, it's time for amazing stories! Recently, the Foundation Fighting Blindness shared the story of Michael Hurben, who since childhood was fascinated by science and nature: he was engaged in astronomy, and at the university he became interested in observing different species of birds.

Michael began to lose his eyesight due to retinitis pigmentosa, which seemed to make it impossible to do something that brings him so much joy. However, his love of studying birds pushed him to find a solution in order to continue doing what he loved.

So, Michael became a bird listener. He began recording and recognizing the voices of various birds, adding to his collection of 4,500 species.

“For years, I didn’t want to acknowledge my low vision, and I failed to understand it as an opportunity to help others that face similar hurdles., ”— Michael shared in his story.

We study problems related to birds, movement problems, deafness and other health problems. The organization has a wonderful slogan: " … because birding is for everybody!”

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