Accessibility News

Astonishing news! Lighthouse for the Blind & Low Vision recently announced its partnership with SciAccess and the launch of a new Mission: AstroAccess program.

SciAccess was founded in 2018 to inspire, develop and promote equitable access to science for people with disabilities who feel conceived of limited access to education and new knowledge. As part of Mission: AstroAccess, a group of ten people, including blind, visually impaired, deaf people, will take part in a historic parabolic flight in zero gravity. The goal of this mission is to bring together the largest and most diverse group of crew members with additional needs in a weightless environment with the hope of learning how to adapt and make space travel available.

Project Lead George Whitesides said: “With this flight we hope to lay the foundation for future disabled space explorers.”

The first parabolic flight will start in October 2021.

We will follow this historic event!

The full story can be read at this link: