Company news

It’s been a long way and here it is, the first small batch of the HaptiBraille Communicators for deaf-blind people, which is ready to be sent to users. 

I am infinitely grateful and congratulate a professional team and all those who supported and keep to support Baker McKenzie, Massachusetts Commission for the Blind, SAMI To Japan, The Skolkovo Foundation, Tyreman Group, FASIE, "Ingria" Business-incubator and of course a Deaf-Blind Support Foundation "Con-nection".

Well, we go further, there is still a lot of work ahead, now our efforts are focused on the release of the first batch of Braille PAD tactile tablets. This device will revolutionize inclusive education for blind people, open up new professions: engineer, designer, urbanist and many others, and also expands the possibilities of the blind with musical education.