Braille PAD news

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For the past two months Anton Chuprakov, from a program products department, has been devoting himself to developing of the recognition program of graphic objects for tactile displaying on the Braille PAD.

We want to share intermediate results of his work on the example of some images recognition and displaying in a contouг-tactile form. 

So, in the first photo there is a Corgi dog, sticking out its tongue. In the second photo there is a girl with a bob cut. And the last photo shows a sunset with the sun in the center, with small clouds on top of the sun's disk and treetops below. To the right of each photos is the result a user gets on the Braille PAD screen. The device also allows to examine details by zooming in the image.

“We can see, that the device unleashes wide opportunities for blind people to master new professions. The day when we will tell about new professions in design, engineering, urban planning. It will be possible with the Braille PAD. And of course, Braille PAD will keep upgrading”, — Fedor Belomoev, a leader of the project shares.