Presentation of the HaptiBraille

On October 12, Sergey Fleytin, head of the design and user interface department at 4Blind, made a presentation of the HaptiBraille Communicator device at the Rehabilitation Center for the Blind in Volokolamsk.

On the basis of the center, not only rehabilitation, but also educational activities of the visually impaired and deaf-blind people are carried out.

The meeting was organized with the assistance of Alla Vladimirovna Polyvyanova, head of the department of social rehabilitation of the deaf-blind. During the meeting, Sergei Fleytin spoke in detail about how to use the device, and then the teachers and students of the Center were able to test the device in practice.

“Employees of the Center expressed a desire to receive communicators for its further testing, having highly appreciated the necessary devices,” said Sergei Fleytin.