Technology Fair

We invite you to visit the virtual Technology Fair, organized by the Carroll Center for the Blind, on November 23.

“We’ve been serving individuals of all ages and all stages of vision loss, many of whom may also have additional disabilities, for nearly 85 years,” – said Gregory J. Donnelly, president and CEO of the Carroll Center for the Blind.

The Technology Fair will bring together manufacturers of the latest solutions for technical means of rehabilitation, specialists and professionals in the field of assistive technologies. At the exhibition, you will learn about the best services and solutions that provide more abilities for blind people.

At the 4Blind virtual booth, we will tell and demonstrate technologies for schools and teachers, technologies that make the learning programs for blind students several times more effective:

  • Communicator for communicating with a deaf-blind student

  • Tactile Braille e-book

  • Tactile monitor for viewing images

  • Camera for instant tactile shots

Register for the Technology Fair at:

The exhibition will be held on the Zoom platform.

See you at #CarrollTechFair2021!