World Usability Day

A series of conferences was held within framework of the World Usability Day on 11-13 November. At one of the conferences Fedor Belomoev, CEO of 4Blind, told about the important aspects of interaction with blind users.

World Usability Day was first held in 2005 and marked the beginning of a series of events around the world planned serve as a platform for UI / UX professionals to share their knowledge, opinions and case studies.

One such event is the WUD@ITMO International Conference, which recently took place at ITMO University for the seventh time. This year's conference discussed the most relevant topics: the best design tools for UX professionals, UX research methods, new challenges in interface design, and many others. Practicing professionals in the field of interface design and testing, specialists from large companies in the digital field: USABILITYLAB, EPAM, Modum Lab shared their ideas on these issues. 

CEO of 4Blind shared his experience in solving the important problem of interacting with blind and deaf-blind users, developing inclusive interfaces.

WUD@ITMO today provides valuable practical knowledge. “Since the first conference, we have managed to create a powerful team uniting ITMO employees and alumni who are now working in large companies in the field of usability ...”, — says Artem Smolin, head of the Center for Usability and Mixed Reality at ITMO University.

You can watch recording of the conference at the link: