Today is the International Day Of The Blind!

The main goal of the Day is to raise public awareness of those who have lost their eyesight permanently and found themselves in a difficult situation in life. 

This date 13 November was not chosen by chance, on this day in 1745 that Valentine Haüy was born in France. He established “The Royal Institute for the Blind,” the first school of its kind, and soon several countries throughout Europe and the United States followed suit.

“Before schools and an entirely new alphabet for people who are blind were established, people with blindness were marginalised by society because of the impression that they were unable to learn…”, — concluded Dr. Morse PhD in Foundations of Ophthalmology.

Nowadays multiply schools for the blind and various educational institutions with accessible programs make a great impact for creation conditions for the full participation of blind people in the life of society!

[Photo description: Fingers exploring a tactile text in Braille]