Four years ago on this day, our company was founded!

Four years ago on this day, our company was founded! It was four years of hard work of every team member that led us to incredible results. This day we’d like to share some of them over the past year and say thanks to our partners, investors and friends.

This year year our team succeeded in completing a major part of the R&D on the BraillePAD tactile tablet and launching the release of the serial version of the USB Note, a smart adapter for devices charging.  During the year 4Blind took part in a dozen of exhibitions and conferences in various parts of the world. And the most important thing is that 50 communicators reached deafblind users and already has changed their lives for better.

All this became possible with the support of various organizations, foundations, partners, an incredibly inspiring community that surrounds our team.

We thank the TYREMAN Group and SAMI company for their contribution in releasing of the first batch of communicators for deafblind people and finalising the serial sample of a tactile tablet for blind people.

We express appreciation to David D'Arcangelo and Alexander Pooler from MCB, Brian A. Mac Donald from NBP, Scott Davert and Anindya "Bapin" Bhattacharyya from HKNC and Cody Mitchell from Irie AT for continuing supporting and sharing their knowledge and expertise. Thanks to our partners at the Special Needs Computers and Terry Scott for welcoming us to Canada and showing us around this new destination.

Also we express our gratitude to the deafblind support foundation “Con-nection” for supporting us and intruduction of communicators to their community.

And of course, our project was very lucky to find a mentor, Sergey Baranov, whose ebullient activity helped us to grow, to find and unite strong partners, investors and valuable specialists around the project.

In closing, our team unites diverse people with their aspirations and interests, and it is the cool thing that they devote their skills, competence and time to the common aim  — development of our society, a society with equal opportunities. 

We'll keep this up!

[Image description: Pictures of 10 team members from the monthly Zoom meeting of our team, where we share our successes and plans with each other]