Talking Charger

Smart charging adapter with sound, light and vibration notifications.

Talking Charger will be indispensable for charging any device. The device will notify you how much the battery is charged, if the socket is working, and Talking Charger will also notify you if someone removes your device from charging.

Easily adjust the notification modes with a special button by changing the sound signal to vibration or to silent light.

What Talking Charger will notify you about:

— If the socket is working;

— When your device starts charging;

— The state of charge of the device battery;

— When the battery is fully charged;

— If someone removes your device from charging.

You can charge any gadgets that have USB ports with Talking Charger: mobile phone, power bank, headphones, toys, watches, speakers and much more.



— Total weight of the device: 1 oz (30 g)
— Size: 26/7/10" (68/19/26 cm) (L/H/W)
— Color: warm yellow 
— Power input: USB-A
— Power output: USB-A

— Battery: 60 mAh
— Max power capacity: 60 W

Price: $89

Talking Charger
Talking Charger
Talking Charger